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Have you ever looked in the mirror and did not recognise the lined face looking back at you?

Can you not face the idea of going under the

knife to reduce lines and wrinkles?

Well look no further StarDust provides a professional service at the highest possible

standard for line and wrinkle reducing using

Botox (Allergen).

This will be performed by a Q ualified RGN Professional Nurse

Lorna Amy Patten.


This treatment is probably the most popular cosmetic medical treatment for facial lines and wrinkles in the uk with outstanding results.


Treatment is simple, non surgical procedure that smoothes persistant lines between your eyebrows, on your forehead and on your outer eye area.


A treament session consists of a few tiny needle pricks that relax the muscles that cause those lines to form 


Botulinum toxin Known as the brand Botox produced by allergan is a simple minimally

invasive treatment and there is no recovery time needed. In fact most people areable to return to work immediately after the treatment. The

muscle-relaxing benefits of the procedure can

last up to an average of 3-4 months.


How does Botox allergen work?


It relaxes the muscles under the skin. Facial lines that

are formed by pulling of the underlying muscles will

then diminish or disappear.


What can botox allergen be used for? 


Relaxation of the muscles in the upper face which


The forhead area ( horizontal forehead lines)

The area (laughter line or crows feet) 

Frown lines between the eyebrows


What happens during the treatment?

 A very small amount of botulinum toxin is injected

 in to the treatment area on the face using a very thin needle so discomfort is minimal. No local anaethetic is reqiured and you are able to continue with your normal work or activites immediately

How many times can I treated with botox allergen?


Treatment with  muscle relaxing injections can typically be carried out indefinitely.


What happens pre and post treatment?


There are no pre treatment reqiurments. after you treatment we ask that you frequently move your

 muscles that were treated, not to lie down on your back or to rub the area or do vigourous excersice for 4 hours.  


Does the injection hurt?


 A very tiny needle is all that is needed for the procedure. Some patients report minor and temporary discomfort from the injection.

When will I notice a difference?


The effect starts working 5-7 days with the greatest effect being seen after about 2-3 weeks.


How long will the effect last?


3-5 months depending on each person's response. Repeated treatments have shown to ahve a longer effect.



Is there any Botox® dangers? What are the side effects?


Typically the amount of any BOTOX® injection danger and side effects and Botox® injection danger remains low. Any Botox® injection side effects can typically only last 6 months at a maximum, because Botox® treatments are temporary. People with neuromuscular disorders should consult with their physician carefully before having a Botox® injection treatment, as cardiovascular problems may arise.  It is a natural response to assume there is some Botox® injection danger with a product derived from a toxin, but it is in fact very safe, and has been in use for some time. It is always prudent to review and Botox® danger in the Botox® side effects and procedure so that any Botox® injection danger is known and understood. There is some Botox® injection side effect in that patients have experienced bruising at the site of the injection.

The most common Botox® side effects following the use of Botox® Cosmetic for glabellar lines are headache (13.3%),

respiratory infection (3.5%),

temporary eyelid droop (3.2%),

nausea (3.0%), and flu syndrome (2.0%).


My Details 


My Name is Lorna Amy  Patten (Preen) .


I am a qualified RGN Nurse Specialist in Bristol.

I have undergone an aestetic Course to administer muscle relaxing injections and Dermsl Fillers . Providing the highest and safest possible standards from consultation to after care is what I pride myself on along with a competitively priced service,

I am a great beliver in looking after your skin and I have known many people who used numerous creams that just did not work. I then heard about BOTOX (Allergen) which has been highly desirable and successful with Celebrities across the world specifically america and now the UK.

Muscle relaxing injections and Dermal Fillers are becoming more and more available and affordable for more people to be able to access and that is why I want to enable this product to be available for EVERYONE with the sucurity of knowing it was performed by a Qualified Professional 

For more information regarding treatment please contact me.

Lorna Amy  













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