Competetive prices performed by a Professional



      My Name is Lorna Amy Patten .

 I am a qualified RGN Staff Nurse in Bristol. 

For over 7 years now I have safely and professionally been administering muscle relaxing injections to happy clients. I provide my customers with a competitively priced service, providing the highest and safest possible standards from consultation to after care. 

I am a great believer in looking after your skin and I have known many people who used numerous creams that just did not work. I then heard about BOTOX (Allergen) which has been highly desirable and successful with Celebrities across the world specifically america. 

Muscle relaxing injections are becoming more and more available and affordable for more people to be able to access that is why I wanted to enable this product to be available for EVERYONE with the sucurity of knowing it was performed by a

Qualified Professional.